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4.0 ( 4100 ratings )
Hudební Zábava
Vývojář: David A. Shamma

As seen on "Make: Online" May 2010 http://bit.ly/make_isteelpan and on TUAW May 2010: http://bit.ly/ahAoS6

Turns your iPad into a Caribbean steelpan drum. Its a fully mapped chromatic Tenor steelpan. If you miss a note region, a miss strike sound will be played. It can also teach you how to play a song with an interactive game, just follow the mole! More songs, tunings and other steelpans to come.

Works of course by touch, but you can learn how to make some drumsticks for this app too: http://bit.ly/istick

High definition sound samples from: http://www.phunkynutts.com/steeldrum.php